Where's Wanda? Leafy Lovers (near Ritchie's IGA) , Mt Eliza Village; T&S Emporium - Somerville; Market Fare - Ferntree Gully. See you soon!

Who Is Wanda?

I am the mum of two young (ADHD afflicted) boys who NEVER stop; if they are not climbing trees or fences, splashing in puddles, playing in mud or chasing some sort of animal, bug or insect, they are asleep!

With all this activity comes multiple changes of clothes which need to be comfortable, durable, and can handle endless amount of washing!  I need easy wear and easy care items, that can blend and mix together to make the day's outfit.  

 Let's not forget about quality - I don't want to be constantly buying clothes for the kids.  I want garments that can last, look good and feel nice on.  My eczema suffering boys like the clothes to be soft to the touch and the skin.  

That's quite a list of needs.  If you can relate - you are in the right place!

Big wish list and so many demands led me to sourcing fabrics and garments and creating Whimsical Wanda (check out the About section for more info).  My garments are predominantly made from natural fibres, breathable, soft, comfortable to wear and machine washable. Lots of splashes of colour round it all out, as we love to make the clothes as dynamic, colourful and lively as the kids who wear them.

I'm part of the 'Mum's In Business' gang - taking inspiration from our kids. ❤