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Second Chance Bangkok Partnership

My summer escapades led me to a chance encounter with the lovely Jodie and Chris from Second Chance Bangkok. After hearing their story and seeing the wonderful work they do, I just knew I had to partner with them.
Here's a bit of background:
Chris and Jodie (and children) are an Aussie family who established an enterprise in Bangkok's largest slum to give the community living there a sense of pride, a purpose and the ability to directly impact their lives and those of others through their actions. They take donations of unwanted household items, and clothes and upcycle these into beautiful new products to assist those living in the community. 
Second Chance Bangkok offers fair and sustainable employment, creating a real sense of worth to all those involved and touched by their efforts.
All whilst ensuring environmental sustainability and social responsibility is at the heart of everything they do. 💓
I am so happy to be able to partner with them and sell some of their beautiful toys.
All toys sold with our partnership meet the appropriate Australian Standards.