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About Whimsical Wanda

Whimsical Wanda is about fun, colourful clothes that are comfortable and durable that kids love to wear.

My aim is to offer quality and affordability - let's face it kids grow (and grow and grow!)  You don't want to spend a fortune on their clothing, but you would like quality in what you purchase - right?

My range is around kids basics and the classic pieces, all with a modern day twist - with pops of colour and a dash of whimsy.

I try to use only natural fibres in my fabrics and garments - predominantly cotton, inclusive of a cotton spandex. I have one very important and stringent requirement in choosing my products and fabrics – it must pass the Noah test!

My eldest son suffers from eczema, which is a common affliction to many children. When he was a baby he looked boiled – he was so red and covered from literally all over his head to his toes.  Noah was always VERY picky and sensitive to what would go next to his skin.  It had to be SOFT and feel fluffy and be made of natural fibres or forget it.  We have a wardrobe full of clothes which were never worn as it did not pass the Noah test.

This led me to looking for clothes and fabrics from all over the world. I would buy up samples to try out, but my reject pile was growing. Finally I came across these fabulous all cotton super soft garments. Noah tried them on and exclaimed “I LOVE this”. I knew I was onto something and this was the birth of Whimsical Wanda. Next came the inspiration for what to put on these fabulous soft garments, and again my boys were at the heart of this.

My Inspiration - My cheeky monkeys and all they say and do!

My boys have ADHD and are constantly on the go.  They have amazing imaginations and create fabulous adventures and stories as they go about their day (interspersed with lots of fighting!).

When they do sit and concentrate on a task, we like to encourage those efforts and take great joy in their outputs (and the 5 minutes rest!). It is these drawings and colourings that act as inspiration for what goes on to the garments.



From these beginnings, my range has grown to incorporate more pieces - always in the line of basics and the kids classics (things they always need and wear).

I hope you fall in love with my products as much as my family love making and sourcing them for you.

❤  The Wanda Team

The Wanda Team